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Hiring a Carpet Cleaner vs DIY Carpet Cleaning

Hiring A Carpet Cleaner in Dublin Is Simple!

The carpets in your home or business working full time.  You don’t need to in order to get them looking refreshed.

Having a professional carpet cleaning company like Carpet Doctor clean them is the best way to insure the life span of your carpet.

 am only doing a Bedroom, I could just rent a machine and do it myself?’

You can of course do it yourself. The cost for carpet cleaning machine hire for the minimum period is around €27 and the Detergent required would be somewhere between €12 and €14.  You will have to collect return the equipment etc.,  You are now back from the Hardware and  I would hazard a guess that as well as spending around €40, you have also invested about one hour of your precious time into this project.

Assuming you were clever enough to put the Immersion on before you left (you will need lots of Hot Water),  then all you have to do next is Move the Bedroom Furniture around and Vacuum the carpet.  Now you are ready to be a carpet cleaner.

The machine Holds about 10 Litres of Hot Water (you add the detergent to the tank at the ratio suggested), So it will take about 3 or 4 empties and fills to get a Double Bedroom done to any sort of standard. I would recommend if you are going to go to all this effort to get your carpet cleaning done, that when you are finished cleaning with the detergent that you then rinse the entire area with nothing but water through the tank.  If you don’t rinse with water you will be looking to repeat this process very soon as sticky carpets don’t stay clean for very long

I know exactly what I’m doing and using the equipment that you have are using I could do it in about 2 and a half hours.

You are now ready to return the carpet cleaning machine to the hire company.  If you were able to return.  If you managed to collect the carpet cleaning machine, clean carpet and the return the carpet cleaning machine in under 4 hours, please forward your CV to info@carpetdoctor.ie with your story included?Carpet Doctor Carpet Cleaning Experience!

We can clean one bedroom at the time of publishing this article for the bargain price of €55.  Call us.  Book us in.  We’ll be in your house for less than an hour using a machine that is at least 6 times more powerful than any machine that you can rent.  The Results of your carpet cleaning will be better.  The drying the time will be less than half what it will take with a Hire Machine and you will save at least 3 hours of your own time.  All this for any extra €15.

The decisions is yours!

Our thanks goes out to our sister website expertcarpetcleaning.ie for their help with providing these carpet cleaning tips.



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