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Advice on rug cleaning

Good Rug Cleaning maintenance program will prolong the life your any household rug.

Most of us have probably heard the old wives tail that ‘Once you’ve cleaned your carpets, they’ll never be the same afterward’. Well, this might be true if you are using the wrong company to do your Rug Cleaning.

However, it certainly won’t be true if you are using Carpet Doctor. Carpet Cleaners, that don’t have sufficient experience or training and furthermore, Carpet Cleaning firms that don’t embrace the science behind this proven cleaning process, will create carpets that act as dirt traps, pulling soil off the soles of the footwear that have walked across them.

The four key component of any truly great cleaning process are Heat, Energy, Agitation and Time. 2 or 3 of these elements will give you a relatively good carpet cleaning result but by combining all 4 ingredients, you will give yourself the best carpet cleaning process available on the market.

In order to make sure you are happy when you are walking out your door, a carpet cleaner that doesn’t have Heat (for example) on their Carpet Cleaning Machine will over compensate by adding a bit of extra detergent. This is a recipe for disaster and will definitely cause your carpets to re-soil quicker. Likewise, agitation and time are elements that can’t be substituted for by chemical alone.Here is the Carpet Doctor guide to keeping a rug in good condition:

Regular vacuuming will remove dust before it works it way into the backing of your rug.
Keep your vacuum in good working order. Never have the bag more than half full as this decrease the Vacuums power.
Post clean or just after you have purchased a new rug have a professional apply a Stain Protection chemical to the rug.
Never rub a stain or spill on your rug, this will cause the fibre to ‘Fluff’. Only ever blot such a stain or spill.
Once a year or every other year, call a Professional carpet cleaning firm in to clean your rugs. Make sure this cleaning professional is able to talk to you about the key components of your cleaning process before you let him come out to your house?

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