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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Dublin

Have you ever walked into a hotel and noticed that the carpet was dirty? Where did you notice it? Was it in the lobby or the conference room? Perhaps it was in the corridor or your actual room. Regardless of where you noticed it, the fact that you did notice it is a pretty big deal. How did the dirty carpet affect your perception of the hotel establishment? One of the most important things that keeps a person coming back to a hotel is cleanliness and comfort. With several hundreds of people potentially staying in the room before you, if you don’t believe the hotel cares about cleanliness, it is very likely that you will not feel comfortable staying there.

Frequency of Hotel Carpet Cleaning

The frequency of hotel carpet cleaning can vary. It is important that the hotel establishes a set cleaning schedule with a professional carpet cleaning company. There should be certain maintenance cleaning set for high traffic areas. However, typically, a hotel should have all of its’ carpet cleaned at least twice a year.

Keeping the Hotel Carpets Clean is a Must

Hotel owners are among the busiest people due to the various concerns they have when managing their business. Aside from the competition that they faced against their business rivals, hotel entrepreneurs are also drawn to the concerns about the comfort and convenience of their customers. Included in this problem is the standard of cleanliness inside each room, the lobby, and other areas of the hotels. Almost all hotel floors are covered with carpets for aesthetic purposes. However, carpets could bring threats to the health of their guests if not handled properly. Hotels must keep their carpets clean at all times.

Make Them Clean Always

Carpets are good examples of excellent breeding places for bacteria and other bad microorganisms. This is the main reason why you need to keep them clean regularly especially if your establishments are involved in commercial activities. Aside from the prevention of bacteria, you are also making a good impression to your clients if you keep your carpet clean always. It’s a goodwill that will keep you above the competition. If they are not safe, your name would be dragged that low like dirt.

Dirt Dumping Ground

Carpets are also quite good at accumulating stain and dust on their fibers. The carpets that are used on hotels usually acquire a good amount of dust when they are constantly stepped upon. They are the dumping grounds of dirt and stain when something spilled over them. This is why daily cleaning is needed in order to prevent the accumulation of these unwanted stuffs on your carpet.

Vacuuming your carpet every day is a good method to keep it clean and remain in top condition. However, vacuuming alone won’t prevent bacteria from propagating as you need to use some solution to disinfect the carpet. There are various types of cleansers out there in the market today. You can choose the best applicable cleaning agent. However, not all of these would work on just any type of carpet. You need to use an appropriate cleanser on a specific carpet to get the best result.

This is the reason why most hotels hire professional carpet cleaning companies like Carpet Doctor in order to maintain cleanliness inside their establishments. Professional carpet cleaners know how to handle jobs from the easiest to the toughest stain.

So if you work at or help manage a hotel, make sure the carpet isn’t getting neglected because it can really effect a customer’s perception. So make sure you contact the best carpet cleaning company in Dublin for a consultation and deep cleaning.

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