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How Does A Professional Carpet Cleaner Clean A Mattress?

1. Pre-inspection
The pre-inspection step is the first crucial step in mattress cleaning. Your mattress cleaning technician will thoroughly inspect the mattress for things like spots and stains, heavily soiled areas, and rips, tears or any other inconsistencies in the mattress. The pre-inspection helps the technician become aware of the condition of the mattress and helps them better understand the likely outcomes of the cleaning.

If a mattress has a variety of staining, heavily soiled areas, and or odours, the technician will have to take this into consideration. At times, it is necessary to use special staining solutions and a heavier application of pre-spray to treat heavily soiled areas of the mattress.

2. Vacuum
The next step is to perform the dry vacuum. Your technician will use the upholstery tool on their vacuum to give the mattress a thorough vacuuming. Many soils in mattresses, like carpets, are dry, and can be easily removed with a dry vacuum. This step should never be missed or its importance underestimated. If dry soils remain in the fabric and are still present during the wet part of the cleaning, they can congeal or thicken and make the cleaning much more difficult.

3. Pre-spray
The first cleaner used in the mattress cleaning process is the pre-spray solution. Most professionals will use a mild cleaner that is designed specifically for fine fabrics. It’s best not to use harsh solutions on a surface that you sleep on. Your professional cleaner should make your health and safety a priority.

When the pre-spray solution makes contact with the surface of the fabric it will immediately start to break down the embedded soils in the mattress. The power and heat of a truck mount machine expedites this process. Hot water combined with a good solution will make the cleaning even more effective.

4. Agitation
After your cleaner applies the pre-spray to your mattress, the next step step is agitation. Using a horsehair brush, your technician will thoroughly brush and agitate the solution deep into the fabric to ensure proper application of the solution to each and every square inch of your mattress. This is a crucial step and involves some serious elbow grease. The agitation step will ensure a totally thorough cleaning for your mattress.

5. Dwell Time
After your technician has methodically agitated the pre-spray into your mattress, it is necessary to allow for dwell time. A period from 10-15 minutes is sufficient for the solution to work its magic. Dwell time is necessary because, the longer the solution has to deeply penetrate the fabric, the greater its ability to suspend soils and break them down, which makes for an effective rinsing.

6. Rinsing
The final step in the actual cleaning of a mattress is the rinsing. At this point the pre-spray has been agitated into the fabric and has had adequate dwell time. After this, the mattress is ready to be rinsed clear of not only the cleaning solution, but also all of the soil that has been broken down during the previous steps. A gentle rinse solution combined with hot water really helps to remove all of the dirt, grime, and oils from the mattress.

The best tool used for mattress cleaning is a jetless upholstery tool. Make sure your technician is using one of these. They have great suction and a special design that will not over-wet your fabric. The combination of the powerful suction and the proper wetting from the tool ensures for an efficient dry time.

7. Drying
The final step in this process will be the drying of the mattress. Some cleaners will offer to bring in fans which will help to get airflow moving towards the mattress to air dry. You can expect your mattress to be dry in 8-12 hours without fans, and 4-6 with the use of fans. Of course, when your technician leaves your home, it is also a good idea to crank up the heat or air conditioning (depending on the time of year) and use fans of your own to get as much airflow as possible to your drying mattress.

8. Bonus Step: Enjoy!
Now that you have a pristine, freshly cleaned mattress, you can sleep soundly with the knowledge that your mattress is CLEAN!

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