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New Year, New(ish) Carpet

Did you know that a professional carpet cleaning can literally make your carpet look like new? Its true. It just so happens that each year many folks make a New Yearʼs Resolution to improve their home in some way. Carpet cleaning is an easy and affordable way to help you stick to that resolution. Make your carpeting look and feel new by enlisting the services of professional carpet cleaners like The Carpet Doctor.

The difference between manually shampooing your carpet and working with a professional is that carpet cleaning services use truck-mounted equipment, hot water extraction cleaning (which is recommended by carpet manufacturers), and a rotating carpet cleaning head to ensure the deepest possible clean. Years of serving the carpet cleaning needs of the Dublin area have allowed The Carpet Doctor, Dublin to perfect this process and guarantee that every type of carpet is properly and thoroughly cared for.

The other perk of working with a professional is that we can also clean upholstery and clean area rugs in one fell swoop. The Carpet Doctor is capable of cleaning even the most delicate fabrics safely. The gentle cleaning methods life away spots and remove ground-in dirt that has accumulated and is not always visible to the eye.

We like to go above and beyond and include the pretreatment of your carpet. Let us help you take the stress out of maintaining your home improvement resolution by calling the professionals of The Carpet Doctor’s Services for a carpet cleaning consultation.

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