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pet accidents

Pet Accidents

If like me, you are pet owner but unlike me you are not a Carpet and Upholstery cleaning professional, here is a bit of advice that I hope will help you when you dog has a ‘Pee Accident’.

Reaction time is always key when dealing with these unwanted incidents. Unfortunately, with Urine for example, it can often be too late again we notice that there has even been an accident.

Despite what some cleaning companies may tell you there is no guarantees when it comes to dealing with Cat and Dogs stains. Wool for example sits at a mildly acidic PH of about 5 and can be prone to a chemical reaction with more Akaline liquids. Simply put, when wool is exposed to a PH that is too far above this PH value, it can react adversely. Cat and dog can range anywhere from 5 upwards and the more alkaline the Pee is the more likely it is to cause a reaction. We cleaners refer to this reaction Yellowing or Browning (and these term have nothing to do with which part of your animal has caused the problem). There are many variables (diets and health of the dog/cat etc.,) which will adversely affect this PH level also.

Also, it is believed that Cat urine for example contain crystals, which when treated with water, will only cause the area of the stain to expand and not weaken.

Generally speaking, most over the shelf solutions for dealing with odour problems are essentially just designed to mask the problem and don’t necessarily deal with the core issue. To treat a urine stain, you have to kill the fungicidal bacteria that reside within the urine. Fungicidal Bacteria cause Malodours and without treating this part of the problem, you have no chance of defeating the odour itself.

Therefore, my tip is to call and Carpet and Upholstery cleaning expert (such as myself) for advice as soon as you become aware of the problem. Naturally, we will want to come out to help get started with the elimination process. Most local professional will charge around €50 (some will charge more) for the visit but they should be able to leave you with an anti fungicidal mixture that you can continue to re-apply until the problem is completely gone. If you are not in the Dublin area, please take my advice and find your local cleaning professional. If you are in the Dublin area, I would be delighted to come to your assistance.

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