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removing spills

Removing Hot/Cold drink spills from your Carpets

Deal with the problem while it’s still wet and don’t let the stain dry in unless you’re happy the stain is gone.

Carpet Doctor Dublin, professional cleaners of Carpet, Upholstery, Leather, Tiles Mix 3 cups of warm water (Not cold and not too hot to touch) with a corner of a dishwasher tablet (or a pinch of Washing Powder if the former isn’t present)

Dab or blot the excess liquid spill away with some dry Kitchen Towel.

Using a clean dry Tea Towel that has been dipped in your freshly made cleaning solution (as per Step 2). Dab or Blot the liquid stain and repeat this step until you are happy that the spill has been removed.

If you are happy that the stain is removed, rinse your towel thoroughly in cold water and use this towel to remove the cleaning solution from the affected area.

In the case of red wine or coffee, if you are not happy that it has been fully removed, keep a damp towel on top of the stain until an expert can come to professionally remove the stain.

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