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Removing oil

Removing Oil and buttery marks from your Upholstery Suite

Why does Toast always land butter side down?? Here are handy tips for remove butter or oil based stains from an Upholstery Suite or Sofa.

1. Blot the excess oil from the material using a Kitchen Towel or some Toilet Roll.
2. Sprinkle Talc onto the affected area.
3. Do not force the Talc into the stain, but you can gently work it in for a couple of seconds.
4. Allow to dry for at least a few hours.
5. Remove Talc with a vacuum cleaner.
6. Repeat if necessary.

7. Then mix one Teaspoon of Washing-up liquid into 2 litres of warm water.
8. Using a Tea Towel that has been submerged in the solution and then wrung out, so it is only damp. Gently blot the area (I repeat Blot, don’t rub!), taking care not to over wet the suite.
9. Allow to dry.

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