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Why Should You Use An Upholstery Cleaner?

Most homeowners know that carpets have to be regularly cleaned to keep the home healthy, but it’s just as important to hire an upholstery cleaner for regular maintenance as well. Curtains and furniture use denser fabric than the fibres found in carpets, which make them more difficult to clean thoroughly. And though they tend to attract soil at a slower rate than carpets, they can still pick up a lot of dander, dirt and food debris. If not removed right away, this can result in stains and possibly permanent damage. Even mould is a possibility in some cases, and this will create an increased health risk.

What should a homeowner look for in an upholstery cleaner?

Perhaps the most important part of treating fabric is knowledge. Without the ability to properly identify fabrics and soil types, it is going to be nearly impossible to pick out the optimal treatment method. This is because every material requires a particular detergent and responds to a certain water temperature range. In fact, some pieces of furniture cannot be treated with water or dry compounds at all, or they could be severely damaged. Sometimes, this information is available on tags attached to the furniture. However, if the tag has been ripped off or worn down, or if the furniture consists of extremely rare fabric, a homeowner may be left without a clear answer.

So, knowledge and training are paramount in an upholstery cleaner.

How does a professional upholstery cleaner handle the treatment process?

Before beginning any job, a professional upholstery cleaning company like the Carpet Doctor based in Dublin will assess the state of the fabric and identify what material they are working with. With one method, if the fabric can take on water, a foaming detergent will be lightly brushed into the fabric and allowed to sit for a short time as it pulls out soil. The foam is wetted slightly to facilitate the process, and once it has foamed up, it is scraped off. This cycle is completed several times until the fabric is free of soil. However, technicians can also provide special treatment methods if the fabric requires dry treatment or needs spot stain removal. There are, of course, many methods that an upholstery cleaner can choose from to provide the best outcome.

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