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Is Using Leather Cleaning Services Important?

The average homeowner should seek out certified leather cleaning services from a professional company like The Carpet Doctor based in Dublin regardless of how big or small the stain is, or if it is simply for routine cleaning.  Leather furniture is expensive, and it is important to treat it carefully and properly.

Many products that say they effectively clean all types of leather can be found in nearly any retail store.  They sell themselves as easy to use and are relatively inexpensive. However, many times they can cause more damage to the furniture as they may not be safe for leather.

The idea that vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and various over the counter substances can cut grease and remove stains has long been around.  While some think these substances can benefit leather furniture, this is not always the case.  Products that contain these ingredients, including formulated wipes or saddle soap, can cause further damage.

Leather furniture comes in a variety of finishes and is extremely sensitive to harsh substances. Using the wrong cleansing agents to tackle a project can discolour the material, irreversibly destroy the finish, and dry it out.  The leather may even shrink or crack as a result.

Real leather is preserved animal hide and is treated with a protective finish.  When the finish is damaged, it is almost impossible to restore it, especially if the chemicals have reached the leather itself.

Over the counter products sold in retail stores are marketed as viable treatment options and are often misleading.  Many homeowners have unfortunately learned this the hard way and have ruined their favourite pieces.  They now know the importance of hiring certified professional leather cleaning services to protect and preserve their hard-earned investment.

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