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Why Should Cleaning Leather Furniture Be Done Properly?

Cleaning leather furniture is an involved process that requires great care because this material can easily get damaged if it is not treated properly. While a homeowner can do it on their own, professionals certified in the field will have all of the equipment and materials needed to do an excellent job. Because this material is preserved animal skin, it should be treated as such. Substances that can keep it supple and slightly moistened will help maintain its look, feel and durability.

Before cleaning leather furniture with any chemicals or other substances, the chair or sofa should be vacuumed thoroughly. This will prevent any waste material from adhering to the material and doing damage. Items made from preserved animal skin is fragile compared to upholstery, and can be damaged by something as simple as trash getting stuck to it. Once all of the debris is cleared out of the way, have saddle soap or another gentle substance on hand for treatment. Don’t use any harsh chemicals on the material because this can cause permanent staining. Some really harsh substances may eat away the protective coating that protects the couch or chair. This will leave the material exposed to humidity or dust.

The saddle soap or other substance should be applied onto the item gently with a damp cloth. Rub it in with a little pressure and reapply the product regularly, rinsing off the cloth with clean water. This will keep the cloth from transferring dirt from area to area while cleaning the leather furniture. Once the saddle soap or other substance is rubbed into the material, rinse it with a slightly damp cloth. Dry the material immediately after rinsing with a dry cloth, passing it over the sofa or chair with a little pressure.

If there are any stains left after cleaning the leather furniture, they can normally be treated with some non-abrasive toothpaste. If the stain doesn’t come out easily, don’t scrub the material. This will only damage it. If stains are too tough to come out, a professional will need to address it. Professionals are equipped with stain fighters that are extremely powerful and completely safe to use.

After stains are removed and the material is treated, some owners choose to condition the material, though this is not always necessary. It should only be done once or twice a year, depending on how much sunlight and wear the couch or chair receives. It is not a good idea to use substances with oils or silicone when cleaning leather furniture. This will likely leave the material sticky, which may be permanent. Some substances on the market can polish the material, but this isn’t necessary and shouldn’t be done often.

Professionals certified in treating this furniture are trained in the best methods and have access to the most complete cleaning substances on the market. Technicians in the field are able to handle a variety of pieces made of leather. They are able to work quickly and are able to handle a variety of stains and problems that are common with this material.

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