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Yes, it is simple and it absolutely works. Carpet Cleaning has changed so much over the last few years.
So, Carpet Doctor moved with times also. Detergent Free rinsing of Carpet, Rugs and Upholstery means, that as well being kinder to the planet, we are getting the best results that we have ever achieved before.How does it work? Easy, after a good dry vacuum the carpets are pre-sprayed to with both Oxygenated and Colloidal solutions. These solutions can be brushed in but they also have the beauty of being ‘self agitating’. This means, on a molecular level they bounce off each other separating the dirt from the fibre.
The final part of the process, is a rinse with our tailor made Hot Water Extraction machine. Here we simply rinse out of the dirt and detergent residue from Carpet and Upholstery.
Are there anymore benefits? Yes, because we have removed both the dirt and the detergent, you can walk on the carpets straight away. Ordinary Detergent through the tank type processes, mean you should stay off the carpets until they are dry because the detergents drag any dirt from your shoes onto the clean carpet.
What else? Free Rinsed carpets, stay cleaner for longer! Detergents remain sticky after they dry, so if you don’t remove the chemicals with Free Rinsing, the carpets will get dirtier quicker.
Let’s start by telling you what Hot Water Extraction isn’t! Hot Water Extraction is not Steam Cleaning. Steam Cleaning uses extreme heat to breakdown soil. However, without extraction the soil has only been broken down into smaller particles, it has not been removed or extracted..

Hot Water Extraction is not Shampooing. Shampoo is applied by cloth, brush, sponge or rotary machine. The shampoo causes the soil to crystalise into small particles but largely speaking this shampoo and soil mix is not removed.

Hot Water Extraction is not Dry Cleaning. Dry cleaning can be described in a few different ways. There are Hot Solvent Re-circulation cleaning. This is as it sounds. Another method is called Host. Host is broken down sea sponge that has a solvent through it. The Host is agitated into the carpet and then vacuumed out. This is only good on mildly soiled carpets.

Most Hot Water Extraction cleaning companies use detergent through the rinsing tank. Therefore strictly speaking what they are doing should be called Hot Detergent Extraction. Unfortunately this doesn’t roll off the tongue so they call it Hot Water Extraction

Free Rinsing Hot Water Extraction. Carpet Doctor are one a small band of companies that are now using Free Rinsing. Yes we use detergents but we use them earlier in the process and use only hot water rinse the fibre. Carpets that are Free Rinsed stay cleaner for longer.

Ashbys UK. We specifically use the Ashby Ninja machine, with it’s high and varied specification options, we have managed to get machines that are tailored to cover what we want and what our customers need. In-series vacuum motors – for the highest vacuum strength. Our vacuum motor contains a set of fans mounted internally which pull air to create vacuum uplift. These fans are known as stages.

The more stages a vacuum motor contains, the more power is generated. The power in our vacuum systems is concentrated by mounting our double vacuum motors in- line, so that the second vacuum motor pulls through the first, dramatically increasing the suction power. This doesn’t happen with any other vacuum system. Remember – the more powerful your vacuum, the more effective the clean High Flow Rate Water injection pump with quick adjustable flow control for total control of water spray pressure and flow-rate. Our 400psi water pump mean we can flush more chemical and soil from your fabrics are carpets Two Powerful 3kw Heaters- Carpet Doctor aren’t relying on you the customer to provide us with warm water. Our machine is equipped 2 Heaters.

One heats the water in the machine and the second (the V2 Steamate) controls the output temperature of the water on it’s way out of the machine. This in-line heater will heat water up to 110 degrees Celsius. This massively performs it’s nearest competitors.

Our preferred cleaning process is called Hot Water Extraction.

Traditional Hot Water Extraction companies use detergent in their Hot Water tanks as the final part of their cleaning process. This is where Carpet Doctor differs from our competitors.

The key difference between our offering and what’s being carried out by our competitors is that our chemical/detergent input is earlier in our process. We apply our detergent as a pre-spray which allows the chemicals extra time to do it’s job.

The final part of our process is called Free Rinsing.

Being Free Rinser’s, we only use Hot Water (with no detergent) through our Rinsing Tank. This type of rinsing means we remove the maximum amount of soil and sticky detergents from the carpet.

No sticky residue, means your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

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“When our 2 year old daughter spread Sudocream all over our new upholstery suite, we thought it was the end of our new sofa. Thanks to Carpet Doctor, you would never know it had even happened. As a result we’re keeping both the suite and our 2 year old.”

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